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The National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada have begun! Some of the members of the Microsoft Flight Simulator Community Team are attending with a booth set up where you can fly the Reno Air Races yourself with hardware provided by Thrustmaster, Next Level Racing, and MSI Gaming. If you’re at the Air Races, come say hi! For the occasion we are also holding a Reno Sale in the Marketplace. You can find a full list of sale items available here.

On September 11th we released a new test build ( for the Sim Update 13 public beta. Full release notes can be found on the forums here. This test build continues to work on stability improvements in the beta, and testers continue to give valuable feedback as we approach Sim Update 13 public launch. Beta participants will have also noticed a small update on Wednesday 13th. This update has no release notes, but provided a few minor package updates.

Speaking of Sim Update 13’s public launch: we have a new Development Roadmaptoday, and readers might notice that the Sim Update 13 release has moved to September 28th. This is to allow the team more time to investigate and address some of the feedback that testers have provided over the course of the beta. Readers might also notice that the day prior, September 27th, is our next Developer Livestream! Senior Community Manager Jayne will be joined as always by Jorg, Seb, and Martial to discuss recent progress and take questions from the community.

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