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Heart Aerospace's Electric Flight Partnership With Åland Islands

The Swedish electric aircraft manufacturer recently unveiled a partnership aimed at advancing electric flight operations across the Baltic Sea, joining forces with the Government of Åland, a Swedish-speaking autonomous region within Finland.


Scandinavian airlines has suffered gigantic economic problems, but as the pandemic is over it's starting to look better!

Arlandas history 

"Exploring the Legacy of Arlanda Airport

Discover the captivating history of Arlanda Airport, Sweden's premier international gateway, from its origins as a military airfield to its present-day global prominence." 
Read more about it here!

Amapola name change

The swedish regional airline of Amapola has officialy changed name and livery to Populair! Want to know more? Click here!

Västflyg, the worlds greenest airline?

The swedish regional airline of Västflyg together with trollhättan-vänersborg airport and sponsor are now using the maximum amout of green fuel in the entire world!

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